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WELCOME to Ramapo College
Study Abroad, Exchange & International Internship Programs

Why Study or Intern Abroad?

Ramapo College was founded on the 4 educational pillars of international, intercultural, interdisciplinary and experiential. These pillars provide you with a strong, holistic liberal arts education while on-campus. However, your on-campus experience can only take your knowledge and experience to a point. In order to supplement your on-campus courses, it is crucial to have experiences outside of the classroom to fully understand the principles, concepts and theories presented in the classroom. Professionally, having an international, intercultural experience can be a “stand-out” feature in your job search, placing you above other candidates. Over the last 10-15 years, managers have demonstrated their desire for employers who possess intercultural communications skills, something that is often developed during a study abroad experience. Personally, studying abroad challenges you in unique and unmatched ways, encouraging your personal growth on an emotional level, strengthening your sense of independence and engaging you as a global citizen.


Studying & interning abroad is an important component to your undergraduate experience, and an opportunity not to be missed. Whatever major you have chosen to pursue as an undergraduate student, there is a study or intern abroad opportunity to match both your academic and personal goals. When investigating your study or intern abroad options, think carefully about how the various study or intern abroad options will support and enhance your on-campus academics, as well as your future professional goals. Remember, speak to your academic advisor to ensure you will remain on-track towards your degree completion.

Points to Consider
  • Why do you want to study or intern abroad?
  • Is language acquisition a priority for your experience abroad?
  • Would you prefer an urban or more rural setting?
  • A larger or smaller university?
“Studying abroad in Geneva not only allowed me to improve my French language skills, but it also helped me to draw direct connections between what I learned in the textbook and what is actually applicable in the world of international studies.  Nothing else helps to apply what was learned in the classroom in an intercultural setting like study abroad does.”

-Maximillian Klube, Class of ’12

In my eyes, studying abroad was simple; I was going to learn a new language, meet new people, visit new countries and maybe get the chance to see a new culture. I never thought that the experience and outcome would be so much more complex; I discovered all of those things and so much more. Studying abroad changed my perspective and challenged my ideals of the world, but most importantly, studying abroad helped me find myself.”

-Meghan Rogers, Class of ’12

“While I was in Florence, I had a Travel Writing class where we read a story about how each place you go will lead you somewhere else. Studying abroad in Florence, Italy was my starting point, which lead me to a semester in Monterey Bay. I’m excited to see where Monterey will lead me and how traveling will be incorporated into my professional life.

-Kelly Craig, Class of ’13

If you are a current Ramapo College Student:
1. ) Please first complete the advisement questionnaire
2.) Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss program options.
3.) Choose a Program that meets your study abroad goals. 
4.) Apply!
If you are NOT a current Ramapo College Student:
1. ) Please first complete the advisement questionnaire
(indicate that you are NOT a current Ramapo College student)
2.) Choose a Program that meets your study abroad goals. 
3.) Apply!
Please note that by submitting a questionnaire and/or applying for a study abroad program, you are agreeing to have the information contained in your application stored on a secure remote server hosted by Terra Dotta that is not controlled by Ramapo College. Your information will not be shared by Terra Dotta with any other parties. (If you have concerns, please see a member of the Study Abroad Team.)